Interactive Healthcare

New York City Clinical Data Research Network (NYC-CDRN)

Challenge & Creative Development: Create an interactive website to engage patients and clinicians for NYC-CDRN – a collaboration of renowned medical centers and related institutions. The goal was to provide the ability to share anonymous medical histories, answer consumer and researcher questions, and mine data from as many as 6 million patients thereby streamlining and coordinating the clinical research process.

Styled web pages allowed for a flow that communicated to clinicians and patients. Areas calling for interaction were clearly indicated to ensure maximum involvement. As a result, after the initial launch with seven partners, the number of participating institutions has now increased to over 12.

Consumer Reports Health

Challenge & Creative Development: Create a user-friendly website that enables consumers across the U.S. to make intelligent, informed physician choices. The website needed to include a uniform vocabulary that allowed for data collection on a national level.

Developed an integrated website to collect data from patients and doctors on a national level. This included a search engine to filter by Doctor/Practice, Specialty, Location and Insurance. Other features included rating your doctor and comparing his/her practice, and a summary overview with Quality of Care and Patient Experience Ratings of a doctor’s practice allowing users to compare their results with other reviews.


Interactive Healthcare

Our interactive websites engage patients and clinicians.